AJISAQ is relying on the strong technical background of the founders and has employed the services of experienced, focused and dedicated team of highly talented professionals who have a passion for what they are doing and a track record in the industry and academic.


Is to play a major role in putting Africa among the front runners in resourceful and valuable innovative technology.


We're driven by the passion to proffer efficient locally made technological solutions to Societal challenges and become the pacesetters in state-of-the-art technology in Africa. We are the very team to join, for those who share our dream. And our concerted effort will reposition Africa on the global technology scale.


We generate value for our clients and consumers through an ordered procedure:
1. We draw from the vast experience of the founders to thoroughly research and understand cause of problem.
2. We provide a lasting solution to the problem.
3. By our corporate culture which is governed by flexibility and adaptability, customer satisfaction, integrity and fidelity we are working to ensure continuous offering of maximum utility at the most reasonable price without compromising quality.



ATS optimized for Ticketing (such as Gate Pass) and Retail (such as Supermarket) is an Android cloud-based point of sale (POS) device. It is equipped with a software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from the App Store.

ATS is the new move in the world of sales and transactions to both corporate bodies and SMEs. It is compact, efficient and affordable. With ATS, the cost of acquiring hardware (computer, scanner, printers etc.) associated with the conventional ticketing system as well as space consume by the same is conserved. ATS lends itself to little technical-know-how on the part of the operator. An operator does not need as much skill as required to operate a basic mobile phone to operate ATS. Nowadays, any business or system selling in person will have a POS. As a result, AJISAQ’s ATS is designed in two modes to meet the customers’ needs: One is optimized for Ticketing (such as Gate Pass) and one is optimized for Retail (such as Supermarket). The two versions are cloud-based. Simply, AJISAQ ATS can be applied in the following areas:

    ATS can be applied in the following areas:
  1. Gate Pass, Market, Transport, Parking, Stadium, Betting, Fuel and Gas Stations
  2. Supermarket, Restaurants, Eateries and all Retail/hospitality environments.


AJISAQ has successfully designed, implemented, tested and patented a user-friendly home appliances control device called Smart Switch that allows the end user to control appliances such as lighting points.

SMART SWITCH: Smart Switch is an AJISAQ invented, cost and energy efficient, Wi-Fi enabled switch. The smart Switch support dual control-- contact and remote operation. It can be operated manually by depressing the button on the device or remotely from a smart phone. This flexibility makes operation of lighting points remarkably easy and takes away the stress of having to move about turning on/off lights after a long day. MAGIC SWITCH: is an extension of Smart-Switch that incorporate other home appliances besides lighting points. Hence, with the Magic-Switch you can control your appliances such as fans, generator etc, remotely from a smart phone.


Revenue Collection Solution for Adamawa State Internal Revenue Service (AIRS)

Completed Project

Cloud-based Ticketing and Accounting System for Jimeta Ultra-Modern Market (JUMM).

Revenue Collection Solution for TEASY International Company Limited

Completed Project

Integration of AJISAQ Cloud-based Auto Payment Solution for Jimeta Ultra-Modern Market (JUMM) with TEASY PAY’s platform.

Revenue Collection Solution for Adamawa State Government

Completed Project

A Cloud-based Ticketing and Accounting System used by the Mobile Court for fine collection during the COVID-19 lockdown in Adamawa Sate.

Data Collection Solution for World Bank/YESSO

Completed Project

(Youth Employment & Social Support Operation) – A Cloud-based Data collection and cleaning of the poor and vulnerable households for Social Safety Net (SSN) intervention. This project was carried out in conjunction with Modibbo Adama University of Technology, (MAUTech) and 3D Engineering Global Technologies Services Ltd.

Automated Solution for Individual Houses and Schools in North-East:

Completed Project

Installation of satellite, surveillance (smart CCTV), automation of building including Energy-saving, smart door system and communication (Intercom) for Individual Houses and Schools in the North-East.

Electrification of Building for Individual Houses and Schools in North-East

Completed Project

Installation of electrifications for Individual Houses in Adamawa and Taraba State.
1. Tafsir Mobile APP
2. Hallmark Business Companion website.
3. El-Kameni Secondary School Yola. Website and online class rooms(LMS).
4. Fufore local Government area market ticketing system.
5. Yola North (Panteker) market ticketing system.
6. Adamawa State Board Internal Revenue Biometric Attendance System.



VuvutiThe Unmanned vehicle


  • Driverless
  • Remote Control
  • Easy operation
  • AI Technology
  • Unlimited support

ComplainMeAnti crime report system


  • Live crime report
  • Report a crime to any Agency
  • Give feedback on Agencies
  • Complain to Gov't
  • Send Feeback on Gov't Projects

Cable TheftIntelligent Cable Anti theft system


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Students from American University of Nigeria Visit AJISAQ On Industrial Tour

On April 30, 2019, graduate and undergraduate Science students from American University of Nigeria (AUN) visited AJISAQ Limited as an out-of-class learning opportunity.

School of Engineering (SOE) Students, Faculty Members Tour AJISAQ and LABONDO

On November 15, 2019, students and faculty members in the School of Engineering, American University of Nigeria (AUN) were on an industrial tour of two high-technology companies in Adamawa State.

AJISAQ Organized First Coding Boot-camp in Yola and Northeast Nigeria

In December 2018, 9 days Web Development boot-camp (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript), which was the First Coding Boot-camp in Yola and Northeast Nigeria, was organized by AJISAQ Limited and Intija Software Solutions.

Computer, Software Students Visit AJISAQ to Learn Application of emerging technologies

On November 19, 2019 Systems Programming students from American University of Nigeria (AUN) was on their field day to experience the application of emerging technologies to community problems that AJISAQ Limited is focused on.

AJISAQ Dominates AUN IEEE’s Internet of Things (IoT) Campaign with Seminar, Exhibition

On April 13, 2018, AJISAQ Limited (formally ADEXMOK Best Practice Consulting) dominated the seminar and exhibition on Internet of Things (IoT) awareness campaign organized by AUN chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Team from AJISAQ Involve in Seminar with Demo on Smart Solutions

On May 19, 2017, team from AJISAQ Limited (formally ADEXMOK Best Practice Consulting) was involved in the seminar and demonstration of innovative projects (smart home and smart meter) to the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Adamawa Chapter.


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